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Textillegprom, Moskau

1 Jul 2014

23/09/14 – 26/02/14 | Textillegprom, Moskau, Stand 164 D


Hänsel-TEC’s innovative Bionic: fabric for the printing, poster and advertising industry. Guaranteed adhesion without leaving a trace

30 Sep 2014

Fresh from the development kitchen: “Bionic by Hänsel-TEC”


The product “Bionic by Hänsel-TEC” is an innovative woven made of 100 percent high-strength polyester for the printing, poster and advertising industries. The product sticks on ceilings, walls and glass, as well as plastic and metal surfaces, while the field of application is practically unlimited. The product, which is 150 cm wide, is based on an innovative, patented technology. The technically possibilities resulting from “Bionic by Hänsel-TEC” are well-nigh revolutionary in the printing industry sector.

  • In the UV and digital printing technology sector, the specially treated surface of the textile produces a superb quality print image.
  • Given that individual print widths can be affixed side-by-side with millimetre precision, the product does not need to be manufactured made-to-measure.
  • If the advertising surface needs to be covered afresh, you simply strip the Hänsel material from the surface without leaving any residue and return it to the reusable material cycle in its entirety.
  • No more eyelets for retention, no more sewing on the piping and no more fixtures for hanging on the wall.
  • As silicon paper is no longer needed for covering, in terms of sustainability, resources are saved and the product can be fully recycled.
  • The product can be rolled up without ends and does not have any tendency towards the “telescope effect”, either during transport or the printing process.
  • The product is easy to process and affix, while waste and disposal costs are avoided (silicone paper), allowing for significant cost savings.

At the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin, this innovative product won over visitors during practical tests. The publishing house Fashion Today presented its book project entitled “Points of Fashion: Chinese Department Stores Directory” there and used this woven to recreate and thereby clad a huge 2.00 x 1.80 m model of the aforementioned book.

The USPs at a glance:

  • Superb printed image on a textile surface (flexible white-line diffuser)
  • Sticks by itself – no adhesive needed
  • Eco-friendly, as silicone paper is not used
  • Entire product can be 100% recycled or reused
  • Robust and high-strength material with design fixing
  • No need to sew the widths (you can stick the 150 cm widths next to each other)
  • No retaining fixtures, no need to attach piping and/or plastic profiles
  • No eyelets or loops for fastening lashes needed
  • No frames and/or wall profiles
  • Significant cost savings for time-honoured solutions


If we’ve sparked your interest, please contact Mr Hubert Mense, Sales Director at Hänsel-TEC.
He is your expert contact person and can answer any questions you might have about “Bionic by Hänsel-TEC”.

Hubert Mense
Sales Director
Tel: +49 2371 966 320
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